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HR Philosophy

At Adhunik, we believe in the famous adage - At the foundation of a great business is a Great Idea.

Our HR philosophy stems from the firm belief that human beings build and sustain successful businesses. People are thus central to Adhunik's growth strategy. A young group with ambitious plans of exponential growth in the years to come, Adhunik presents a stimulating work environment where new ideas are encouraged and hard work is recognised and rewarded. Be it our steel making business or mining and power ventures, Adhunik believes in attracting the right talent at competitive salaries, grooming them into our culture and providing a proper stimulus for performance through a transparent and robust reward and recognition system. Utmost regard for stakeholder value underlines our Group philosophy and every member of the Adhunik family strongly believes in these values and works in a way that exudes sensitivity and concern for others. Our HR policies and systems are thus designed in alignment with the belief that our people are our best assets. This has resulted in an environment that promotes individual growth through a continuous learning and performance based culture that is both caring as well as stimulating which in turn helps our people to realise their potential and grow along with the organisation.